What Is Pixel Retargeting, And How It Works

January 16, 2023

Have you used pixel retargeting before? If not, don't worry because, in this post, we will go through its basics, and how it can help you to find better truck drivers.


❖ About Pixel Retargeting?

Pixel retargeting is a coding type executed on websites when a page is loaded to trace who has visited each page. Google and Facebook, for example, provide retargeting pixels that you can include on your website to help with retargeting. When you enable the pixel, each platform adds visitors who visit your website or click your link to lists that you may access later.


❖ How Does It Help Your Trucking Company

When a customer visits a trucking company’s website, just 2% will avail its benefits on their first visit, and most visitors require numerous interactions before converting. Fortunately, retargeting gives trucking businesses the extra touchpoints to re-engage the 98 percent of visitors who left your site without converting.


❖ How Pixel Retargeting Work

When someone visits your truck driver recruiting services' website, a bit of JavaScript (commonly referred to as a pixel) is placed on their browser, effectively "cookie-ing" it. When visitors leave your site to browse the web, the cookie alerts retargeting services, allowing them to show tailored adverts depending on the pages they visited on your site.

Pixel-based retargeting has the advantage of being timely, unique to some page on your site, and behavior-based.


Final Thoughts

Website is a crucial part of any business. The big question is how it can assist you in recruiting truck drivers. Well, Pixel retargeting is the one.

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