7 Tips & Tricks To Recruit Truck Drivers

March 1, 2023

The trucking industry has a severe driver shortage due to the retirement of experienced drivers and the disruption caused by the pandemic. This shortage has left many trucking companies scrambling to find qualified drivers, leaving them in a tight spot. To help alleviate this issue, we will discuss seven tips & tricks to recruit truck drivers to ensure they are a good fit for your truck driver's recruiting company


1.    Explain what makes your trucking company different:

Potential drivers need to know why working for your company is better than any other job offer they may receive. Be sure to explain any benefits or perks that differentiate you from other employers, such as higher pay, more flexible scheduling, or better work/life balance.


2.    Utilize technology:

Utilize modern technology and use it as another way to reach out to truck driver applicants. Platforms such as social media, email recruitment campaigns, and mobile app notifications are all powerful tools when used correctly.


3.    Host events:

Raising your company awareness through events can be highly effective in attracting potential candidates who may not be aware of your services otherwise. Consider hosting a job fair or information session where potential applicants can learn more about their experiences in driving trucks for your truck driver recruiting company.


4.    Provide incentives:

Offering incentives such as bonus pay or rewards programs can help entice qualified drivers (who are considering joining another organization instead of yours). Even small gestures like thanking prospective employees for their time and interest can go a long way toward helping them choose you over competitors.


5.    Expand recruiting efforts:

Consider widening your search beyond local borders by advertising in different cities and states nationally (or even internationally as well). Extending your recruiting efforts beyond traditional methods increases your chances of finding experienced and qualified candidates who may have been overlooked for the position(s) otherwise.


6.    Develop relationships with schools:

Working with local driving schools helps you with the opportunity to build relationships with potential future hires while they are still learning the basics of driving trucks professionally (ease them into it!). You may even be able to offer student discounts or special rates when they join your team once they have finished their education program(s).


7.    Offer referral bonuses:

Offering incentive programs that reward current employees for successful referrals is an excellent way to keep them engaged and motivated while expanding your applicant pool! Just be aware these programs comply with applicable employment laws to avoid legal issues (if any) later on!


Our Thoughts!

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