Dynamic Ad Creation

Carrier Intelligence, a reputed digital marketing agencyfor trucking, helps these companies to combat the driver shortage usingpredominantly online methods. Dynamic Ad Creation is one of them! 

Let's assume you visit an e-commerce website and find onevery intriguing product. You add it to your cart but you decide to notpurchase. In this case, that product will follow you (as a pop-up ad) on allother internet platforms you visit. This pop-up ad is known as Dynamic AdCreation, offering product personalization according to the user's interestbased on their past browsing records.

We use the same concept for attracting truck drivers.Drivers that have interacted with your company online BUT did not apply. Now wecan strategically follow them around with Dynamic Ad Creation. 

Carrier Intelligence offers this service to increase theRate Of Interest (ROI) on your truck driver's hiring agency online (due topersonalized ads because of the receptive audience), resulting in higherconversion rates. 

Dial 913-908-8780 today to learn further about thisservice to target the right truck drivers. 

Finding better truck drivers cannot be this easier! 


Download Cost of Turnover Calculator

The Driver Turnover Calculator is an Excel® workbook that uses your operating information.

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With the assistance of this helpful cost of turnover calculator, your business will be more cost-effective and efficient than ever before. our trucking consultants today for a customized and in-depth plan on maximizing your profitability, starting with reducing driver turnover. In the meantime, get started with the Driver Turnover Calculator!