Analytics & Reporting For Trucking Companies

In the modern market, there are plenty of tools available to streamline the process of hiring potential truck drivers, and one of them is to understand how well your recruitment efforts are performing. With analytics & reporting by Carrier Intelligence, truck driver recruiting services can now easily track and measure their recruiting efforts to come up with better decisions in this recruiting process.

How Is It Useful?

Our analytics & reporting platform allows CDL driver recruiting companies to gather data altogether and use this data to gain meaningful insights into their recruitment efforts. It also uses powerful algorithms in the background to provide an overview of each candidate's performance concerning certain areas like qualifications, route availability, and more. This information further allows companies to easily identify potential applicants best suited for their job requirements, giving them an edge over traditional recruitment methods like classified ads.  

Aside from tracking their performance, Carrier Intelligence also provides full-stack analytics which ensures that companies don't miss any opportunities or trends concerning truck drivers' recruitment. It also gathers real-time data from numerous sources including social media platforms, digital ads networks, online job boards, and more. This comprehensive analysis is then utilized to make more informed decisions in terms of selecting the right candidates for their open positions. 

With analytics & reporting system by Carrier Intelligence, can get a comprehensive view of their recruitment efforts helping them save time, and money and ensuring that they hire only the most qualified drivers for their open positions. Moreover, with its regular use, companies can monitor recruitment performance in real-time and take quick action to maximize its effectiveness. 

So, Gear Up for the successful trucking journey with analytics & reporting by Carrier Intelligence.

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The Driver Turnover Calculator is an Excel® workbook that uses your operating information.

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With the assistance of this helpful cost of turnover calculator, your business will be more cost-effective and efficient than ever before. our trucking consultants today for a customized and in-depth plan on maximizing your profitability, starting with reducing driver turnover. In the meantime, get started with the Driver Turnover Calculator!