Programmatic Media Buying

In this age of automation, every company seeks to automate its businesses. Digital advertising is no exception! Gone are the days when numerous proposals, human negotiations, and manual insertions were performed for this.

Time to welcome the new technology of digital advertising- the "Programmatic Media Buying" provided by the reputed trucking digital marketing agency, Carrier Intelligence.

What is Programmatic Media Buying?

Well, it's the utilization of automated technology to buy advertising space online, unlike its traditional counterpart, using data insights and algorithms. The best part about this technology used by the best truck driver recruiting agency is that advertisers have complete control over the inventory and placement, ensuring ads are delivered to the right user at the right time and at the right price.

Moreover, it is a productive way to promote your products or services to genuine leads making the process even more tangible.

Some of its typical examples include video ads, display ads, DOOH, native ads, audio ads, and social ads.

And guess what: Carrier Intelligence is the leader in assisting trucking companies to find better truck drivers using Programmatic Media Buying and other disruptive methods.

We have worked with numerous carriers ranging from owner-operators to fleets. Our prime focus is to align shippers correctly to target the potential drivers on the right platform with the right message.

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The Driver Turnover Calculator is an Excel® workbook that uses your operating information.

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With the assistance of this helpful cost of turnover calculator, your business will be more cost-effective and efficient than ever before. our trucking consultants today for a customized and in-depth plan on maximizing your profitability, starting with reducing driver turnover. In the meantime, get started with the Driver Turnover Calculator!