A Guide to Using Recruitment Videos In The Trucking Industry

April 25, 2023

Videos have become a vital part of modern-day recruiting. It help truckers to attract the targeted candidates in a society where there is a strong deficit of these demanding professionals through a strong content on truck driver recruiting tips.

Moreover, it can be a cutting-edge tool to showcase the crucial aspects pertaining to the truck drivers recruiting.

Let’s explore a brief insight into how to use recruitment videos in the trucking industry, what to include, and some best practices for creating engagement recruitment videos.

Why Use Recruitment Videos?

Recruiting videos is a creative and effective way to target them from diverse platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn and advertise of truck drivers. They can help you showcase the lucrative as well as cultural benefits of working for your organization. By watching these videos, candidates can have a better in-depth practical idea about your company. Will they be beneficial for their future and more!

What To Include In The Recruitment Videos?

When creating a recruiting video, it's recommended to avoid irrelevant details and include only those, which can engage them to a larger scale rather than merely seeing it as a captivating prospect. Here are the things, you should include:

- Brief About The Company: Let the candidates know what your company is all about, what are your missions, employee culture, and services.

- Job Description: Provide only a relevant concise outline showcasing the responsibility and requirements of the positions.

- Benefits: The candidate should have a strong reason for working for your organization. Highlight your job benefits for them, preferably something out of the box, like competitive pay, health insurance and coverage, retirement plans, and advancement opportunities.

- Training & Support: Job-seeking candidates are often concerned about their future. Discuss about your training programs, and ongoing support to help them with assured career nurturing options.

- Lifestyle: Every profession craves for recreation to boost their productivity. The same goes for truck drivers too! Showcase the lifestyle of your company, including travel opportunities, flexibility, and independence.

- Interviews with Current Employees: In these videos, you can also include the interviews with your current employees and highlight their feedback about what they like about the company, et cetera.

How To Make It Interesting And Pleasing

- Keep it Short & Sweet: Owing to the array of information sources, it's best to keep your video to short as possible, to about 2 minutes, but do include all the relevant information.

- Use High-Quality Video & Audio: Poor-quality videos can be a huge setback for potential candidates. Invest in sound equipment to make it more professional and engaging.

- Use More Visuals: Instead of speaking about your company, it's better to show it through creative visuals like animation and others. Make it more interesting!

- Make It As a Story: Modern generations like to read stories and engage in fictional movies. Use this technique to have strong connections with them. Highlight some of the crucial aspects about your company like the professional growth opportunities, and how your company reached this level chronologically right from the beginning.

- Include a Call-To-Action (CTA): At the end, don’t forget to have a pleasing call-to-action to encourage potential candidates to immediately apply for the job.


Recruiting videos form a crucial part of the trucking companies to target the most-qualified drivers innovatively and engagingly.

By highlighting all the relevant information about your company, what it’s like to work here, and job descriptions, you can successfully nurture strong leads through high ROI. Yes! Videos have been noted to have the highest Rate of Interest among all other platforms such as social media, articles, and others.

But remember to keep it short, precise, captivating, and pleasing for the candidates. Try to make it a story!

Carrier Intelligence (top digital marketing for trucking) can assure you to have the best recruiting experience ever.

For doubts, connect with us. We shall be ready at your service. Have a great time!