How To Succeed In Online Truck Driver's Recruiting

April 18, 2023

Trucking companies have been a critical part of the US economy; since they contribute to over 70% of their freights.

Therefore, truck drivers form the crucial backbone of the economy. They are the ones with a persistent approach to endure harsh weather in order to transport goods from one location to another.

And recruit them seems the obvious challenge today. Not anymore with online marketing or truck driver advertising. In this post, we shall discuss how to succeed in this key strategy. So, let’s get going!

Engage in Social Media:

With the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, people are getting more connected to these platforms. Therefore, it's a great idea to engage with your potential candidates by utilizing the platform. Post about your job listings, company updates, and other relevant content pertaining to recruiting here. This way, you can reach wider audiences in a comparatively lesser time frame.

Utilize Online Presence:

In addition to social media platforms, trucking companies should focus on expanding their online presence through well-built, mobile-friendly professional websites. An attractive website with SEO-friendly content help candidates find you quickly and have a strong engagement with your brand. Moreover, by being the website's publisher, you can boost your credibility as well.

Make use of targeted ads:

Targeted advertising is an effective way to catch up with your potential job-seeking audience through Google and Facebook Ads while targeting specific demographics and locations as well. This way, you can give an edge to your recruiting process and set yourself apart from the competitors.

Be careful what you write in job descriptions:

The job description is first-hand contact with the job-seekers. These job boards for truck driversshould include details like job duties, needed qualifications, and compensation (not mandatory but a definite lead booster). Moreover, you can also pose unique benefits or perks which your brand can offer, such as health insurance, accident coverage, and flexible schedules.

Leverage video content:

Videos have been noted to have the highest ROI among all other marketing platforms like social media and emails (86% as of 2023). Carriers can create captivating videos to showcase their brand’s infrastructure, facilities, equipment, company culture, et cetera. This way, the candidates can have a healthy idea of what it’s like to work for your organization, which in turn encourages them to apply right away.

Offer referral incentives:

Good referral incentives can be a great way to reach wider audiences. The current drivers can refer their friends and family to the job, and in return, you can provide them lucrative incentives and bonuses.

Analyse data:

Analyzing data has been a formidable tool in the modern era, courtesy of digitization. By analyzing data such as website traffic, job listing views, and application submissions, carriers can identify the areas to improve and adjust their tactics accordingly. Furthermore, it can also help them nudge better productive results to hire qualified candidates.


Through these above-listed truck driver recruiting tips, you can get better hiring solutions and convert those truck drivers into revenue!

So, why not utilize them?

For further in-depth insights about these strategies or to avail the best digital marketing services for trucking, get in touch with Carrier Intelligence! With the best-in-class online services, we can level up your hiring process.