Tips to Recruit Skilled Truck Drivers

March 14, 2023

For companies in the trucking industry, having skilled truck drivers is vital for their safe and efficient operations. Recruiting the right truck driver requires a dedicated effort to find a qualified, reliable, and experienced driver with a good safety record.

Here are the top recruiting skilled truck drivers tips every recruiting agency should know.


❖      Learn about DOT and FMCSA Compliance Regulations:

It’s important to stay current on all regulations from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Understanding DOT and FMCSA regulations will help you determine the must-have qualifications for your potential hires in recruiting skilled truck drivers.


❖      Attractthe Best CDL Drivers That Fit Your Company:

You don't just want to hire a CDL-licensed driver; it's important to target the best fit for your company culture. Research where prospective drivers hang out online and offline, such as job boards, social media groups, career fairs, etc., to get more visibility for your job postings.


❖      Advertise The Job:

Advertise your openings on multiple platforms to get as many qualified candidates as possible (both online and offline). Social media platforms such as LinkedIn can be an effective way to reach out to potential drivers. Increase exposure by including job details like salary, benefits package, incentives, etc., so people know what they can expect if they work for you.


❖      Run Driving History & Background Checks:

Before hiring a truck driver, ensure their appropriate driving history with proper background checks. Check for any red flags regarding past drug or alcohol use or criminal activity that could harm your company's reputation or business operations.


❖      Schedule A Road Test:

Besides running background checks, it’s also crucial to test prospective hires to ensure they have the requisite truck driver's skillset required at your organization with other factors like robust driving capabilities and being comfortable navigating highways through a road.


❖      Offer Competitive Benefits Package:

Competitiveness with salaries and benefits packages can go a long way in convincing prospective drivers why yours is the company they should join! Determine the most attractive benefits and perks for potential drivers so you can make sure you stand out compared to other organizations in this field looking for new employees.


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