What Does It Take To Be A Truck Driver

April 7, 2023

Today, virtually everything you see and touch has at one point moved on a truck! This one-liner sums up the vitality of this profession. You may have heard people saying, “If you bought it, a truck brought it”. No one knows the exact truth behind this phrase better than the hard-working people driving a truck.

In this blog, we shall put a light into their lives, how they live, what’s it like to be a truck driver, and how to recruit truck drivers.
Let’s begin!

• Benefits of Being A Truck Driver

• Basic education requirements

• High pay, including various incentives and bonuses

• Flexibility in timings

• Ample resting opportunities

A Typical Truck Driver’s Lifestyle

The daily routine of a truck driver can vary depending on their specific job and schedule. However, a typical day might look like this:


• Wake up early, often before sunrise.

• Shower and get dressed.

• Conduct a pre-trip inspection of the truck, checking tires, brakes, lights, and other safety features.

• Plan the day's route, taking into account traffic, weather, and delivery schedules.

• Eat breakfast either at a truck stop or by preparing something in the truck's cab.


• Drive for several hours, taking breaks as needed to rest, eat, or refuel.

• Check-in with dispatch or the customer to provide updates on the delivery schedule.

• Take a 30-minute break after driving for 8 hours, as required by law.


• Continue driving and taking breaks as needed.

• Find a safe place to park for the night, such as a truck stop or rest area.

• Conduct a post-trip inspection of the truck, noting any maintenance or repair issues.

• Eat dinner either by cooking in the truck or finding a restaurant.

• Relax and unwind, often by watching TV, reading, or calling family and friends.

Late night:

- Sleep in the truck's sleeper berth, often for 8 hours as required by law.

What Would Happen If Truck Drivers Stop Hauling Freight?

Within the first 24 hours:

• No basic supplies in hospitals and other medical centers.

• No fuel in the gas stations.

• Cease of mail and package delivery.

Within the first week:

• No cash in ATMs

• Tremendous food shortage

Within the first month:

High reduction in life-saving supplies for hospitals

The nation’s clean water supply would run off

Nationwide blackout due to lack of fuels in the electric power plants.

Interesting Facts About Truck Driver’s Life

• On average, a truck driver covers 500 miles a day, which is almost 128,000 miles a year.

• Truck drivers are among the most-traveled professions in the US and see places much closer than airline pilots or military service members.

• In a recent survey, many truck drivers have made enough money to start their own trucking company.

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