Why Truckers Should Use Disruptive Methodologies To Target Their Drivers

April 5, 2023

The trucking industry has been struggling with a significant shortage of truck drivers recently. According to the American Trucking Association, the industry is short roughly 50,000 truck drivers (as of2023). If this trend continues, the shortage could reach 160,000 truck drivers by 2028 if the appropriate truck driver recruiting ideas aren't undertaken timely. 

Moreover, this shortage is not just in the US but worldwide. However, America is feeling the effects more than ever.


Truck driver recruiting without the essential tips has been a core subject for many trucking companies, considering the traditional recruiting methods, which are been replaced with disruptive methodologies.

Disruptive methodologies provide a new level of innovation to attract qualified truckdrivers to your organization. It commonly refers to applying online methods to find and target qualified truck drivers. Using these, organizations can select the right drivers for the right trucking type. 


The struggling trucking industry needs innovative and more disruptive methodologies is required to fill the gaps created by the shortage. Trucking brands can use these methods to target truck drivers who were unreachable before through traditional ways of recruiting, like pamphlets and newspapers. 

One popular disruptive strategy is social media- offering an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to reach targeted audiences with precision. A business can create a social media ads campaign and promote itself to truckdrivers most likely interested in the role. Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook deliver exceptional targeting abilities to businesses using customizable features like interests, demographics, and location to find the right audience for their recruitment needs.


Targeted trucking job boards can also be the right disruptive tactic. Such job boards list jobs in the trucking industry, and specific positions are available for drivers. Truck drivers tend to be active on these job boards, so businesses looking to recruit qualified drivers will do well to advertise their open positions to these audiences.


Last Verdict!

In conclusion, the truck driver shortage continues to pose adverse effects on the US trucking industry; but not anymore with disruptive methodologies. 

By using truck driver recruiting tips and other innovative ideas like the ones highlighted above, businesses can find the perfect choice of candidates for their organizations. Partnering with digital marketing agencies like Carrier Intelligence can also be a critical step in achieving recruitment success in this competitive industry.

With our vast network of potential truck drivers looking for employment opportunities, trucking companies can develop recruitment and retention strategies to tackle this shortage through the application of disruptive methods.

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