Elevate your hiring with AI

Poor driver retention, recruitment, and high driver turnover not only drives up your costs but also keeps you from maximizing productivity and if you’re like most transportation companies, recruiting and retaining quality drivers continues to be one of your most challenging issues. Using our disruptive solutions shortcuts the driver shortage.

Disruptive advertising

High quality drivers are not looking for jobs. Period. So when carriers advertise for drivers on job boards and classifieds, they are simply looking in the wrong locations. Here's what needs to be done:

Right Message: Focus on your USP to resonate with the drivers that want what you have to offer

Right Platform: Use platforms like social media which is where drivers are not looking for jobs

Right Time: Ensure that your message is designed in a way to get drivers to convert right when they are ready to make the jump

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Video is king

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can bet that a video is worth a thousand pictures. Attention spans are low and drivers are bombarded by text.

By focusing on high quality video creation, you can stand out among the noise:

Video Nurturing: Good drivers do their research. Video gives them an inside glimpse of your company.

Highest Quality: You must have top of the line produced videos to show your company is the real deal.

Digital Assets: Think of each video as a real asset that will help you bring in drivers. Create a great video once and use it again and again in your recruiting efforts.

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Nurturing leads

Whether you choose to build a group or email to keep your future hires informed, driver nurturing is an important avenue often overlooked by carriers.

Constant Contact: By staying in front of your ideal drivers, they are 10x more likely to turn into an applicant within 90 days

Long Term Value: Drivers are busy so by providing value to them through nurture, you will be right there when they are ready

Cost Effective: It costs nothing but time to get these strategies in place and start nurturing an audience to convert to hires

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Pixel retargeting

The majority of carriers do not utilize pixels to retarget potential drivers. It takes five to seven times of seeing a company before a driver will apply. For this reason, you need to be using pixels to retarget drivers. Here's how it works:

Install Pixels: Setup the pixels appropriately on your website and landing page

Set Conversions: Ensure all conversion events are optimized correctly to measure key KPIs

Retarget Audiences: Based on the segmented audiences, drive traffic to landing page

Convert To Application: On the landing page, they will finalize their application and then move to hire

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